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English Syllabus is an important part of major competitive and government exams. Even though the general English section is a bit tricky, candidates can fetch good scores if they have strong basics in English. 

Hence, this article will provide important topics in general English for competitive exams. Candidates will get competitive exams PDFs on English pertaining to various topics containing lists, rules and general English questions and answers. 

Aspirants who are willing to apply for the various Government exams 2023 must go through the topics of general English for competitive exams, as the English language is a key part of the syllabus, for most of these exams.  

Topics of General English for Competitive Exams

The English section is considered to be the most important and scoring section as it does not involve any formula or tricks to remember. Moreover, answering questions in the general English section takes lesser time when compared to other tricky sections of competitive exams.

General English questions are designed in the examination to test candidates knowledge and understanding of basic grammar, vocabulary and important rules of the English language. 

Hence, given below are a few important topics of general English syllabus for competitive exams to assist candidates in their preparations. 

Some important General English Syllabus

  1. Rules For Tenses 
  2. Rules For Prepositions 
  3. List of Prepositions
  4. Rules and List of Conjunctions 
  5. Active And Passive Voice Rules
  6. List of One Word Substitutions
  7. List of Homophones/Homonyms
  8. List of Synonyms and Antonyms
  9. Idioms And Phrases
  10. Spotting the Error
  11. Reading Comprehension
  12. Cloze Test
  13. Letter Writing Format
  14. Precis Writing
  15. Sentence Correction Questions
  16. Adjective Degree Of Comparison Rules
  17. Article Rules
  18. Direct & Indirect Speech Rules
  19. Sentence Rearrangement & Para jumbles